La lectura me ha acompañado en momentos muy especiales. Quiero recompensárselo. Por eso, he creado Mosebooks: donde reinterpreto, en forma de sobrecubierta, aquellos libros que me inspiran y que me gustaría que acompañasen a uno de vosotros. El título del libro nadie lo sabrá. Será un secreto entre mi lector o lectora y yo (a no ser que éste quiera revelarlo…).

Reading has always been my greatest companion in the most special moments. I want to pay it back to those books that transformed me in a way. This is why I created Mosebooks: where I reinterpret though the cover, those books that once inspired me and continue to do so, and I would like to now accompany one of you. The title of the book will be kept a secret, only known by the reader and I (unless the reader decides to make it public)


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